Conduct a strategic session for the company planning for 2022
With a team of consultants - practitioners in the field of B2B
What is a strategic session
This is an internal corporate event aimed at forming a common vision and goals of the company at all levels, as well as developing a clear plan for achieving the set goals
What types of sessions do we hold
Strategic planning session for company owners
Planning a company strategy for a year
(up to 15 people: owners + top managers + key employees)
Coordination management session for debugging business processes and communication between company departments
Development of a sales strategy
Development of a marketing strategy
Project sessions
Elena Kleiner
Founder of Clever Consulting
We will gently and lovingly take your business to the next level
We have been specializing in working with medium-sized businesses in the B2B segment for 8 years.

During this time we have built sales systems in companies operating in local markets, as well as with international divisions.

We consider strategy formation a key annual step for each company.

Our mission is to help business owners make companies more profitable through the introduction of systematization, automation and quality management.

We invite you to a new level in business, and we will start together with a strategic session!
Our results in the field of strategic sessions
for 8 years of work
strategic sessions for company planning
project sessions
sessions for co-owners of companies
Tools, that we use during strategy sessions
Task scheduling in the format
SWOT analysis
Smart goal-setting
Gantt Chart
We will develop for you a plan for holding a strategic session at your request
How do we approach to hold the strategy session?
Stage 5
Preparation of the final file with the results of the session and its transmission to the company with recommendations
Stage 1
Strategic planning session for company owners
Stage 2
Conducting 30 minute face-to-face or zoom meetings with each participant of the strategic session to clarify their vision and goals for the session
Stage 3
Holding a group strategic session, fixing the results
Stage 4
Providing feedback and recommendations to the owner after the session
Why clients trust us to conduct strategic sessions
We are not just facilitators, but consultants, so we can suggest more effective solutions at the time of the session, which saves time and resources for the company and often saves you from planning mistakes
We carefully prepare for the session, working through the doubts and fears of the team even before the start of teamwork
We identify hidden problems in the company, that prevent faster progress to the goals and give options for solving such problems to the owners
We are preparing the results of the strategic session with high quality, because the result largely depends on how the decisions are fixed
We can hold strategic and team sessions in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English
Our team
Elena Kleiner
Founder of Clever Consulting
Key competencies:

- Establishment of sales departments
- Effective team building
- Strategic business planning
- Recruitment and training of a strong team
- 17 years in sales
- 47 sales departments created
- 300+ business owners trained
- $28,000,000+ earned for clients
Julia Koval

Business consultant
Key competencies:

- Modeling and optimization of business processes
- Increase of organizational efficiency
- Introduction and customization of CRM-systems
- Implementation of a culture of thinking and action for business financial growth
- 13 years of experience, 7 of which in business consulting
- 77 business processes described and established
- 18 configured and implemented CRM systems
- 3 created sales departments
Yaroslav Zhigan
Business consultant
Key competencies:

- Creation and reorganization of business departments
- Development, optimization and implementation of business processes
- Development and implementation of KPI
- Strategic and operational planning
- 20 years in the management of commercial structures
- 15 commercial departments created
- management of the structures of 300+ people
Artur Nikityuk

Business consultant
Key competencies:

- Creation of a turnkey sales department
- Management of the sales department
- Sales analytics
- Hiring and onboarding employees
- Sales scripts
- more than 5 years in sales
- 60+ sales staff adapted
- 6 sales departments established
- 5 integrated and configured CRM systems
Elena Riazanova
Key competencies:

- Organization of interviews and assistance on them
- Analysis of manager calls
- Analytics
- Registration and preparation of documentation
- Staff adaptation
Our clients
Operational management session for housing and communal services of developer, Odessa, 2022
Strategic session for VIP Sports Club, Kharkiv, 2020
Strategic session for co-owners of logistics company, Odessa, 2020
Strategic session for International Shipping Company, Odessa, 2019
Strategic session for Furniture Company, Kyiv, 2019
Strategic session for a company producing metal-plastic windows and doors, Kyiv, 2019
Strategic session for a chain of coffee shops, Kharkiv, 2018
Strategic session for Law Firm, Kyiv, 2018
Strategic session for IT Company, Kyiv, 2018
Cost of a strategic session
Find out the session cost under your request for your company
The cost of the work depends on:
⁃ Duration of the session
⁃ Number of consultants involved in the session
⁃ Urgency
Reviews of our clients
Reviews are taken from the company's official Facebook page.
Trust us to create new solutions for your company together.
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